Bespoke bike products

ALL_productsNamgear was founded in 2012 by a team of cycling addicts and cleaning chemical experts. We have developed three revolutionary products that we believe no cyclist should be without.

As a cyclist, properly cleaning your bike is extremely important if you hope to maintain its appearance and parts for years to come.

This is why we believe our products are truly superior; using them on your bike will result in better performance, longer part lifespan and an improved overall appearance and professional image. Bravo25, our flagship products is a highly effective and carbon friendly bike wash that will leave your equipment in a pristine condition.

Why Namgear?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning and chemical industry, as well as many years of mountain biking and stage racing experience. Due to our absolute addiction to cycling and realizing the expensive costs that are usually associated with bicycle maintenance we’ve decided to put our heads and creativity together to come up with a range of quality products that we use on our bikes to ensure they are always in mint condition!

THE RESULT: Three amazing and essential bicycle cleaning and maintenance products that no bicycle enthusiast and cyclist should be without!


The Namgear product range

We aim to provide superior products that are not only extremely effective but affordable as well. Here is our range of products for professional biking enthusiasts:


Bike Wash

This is our flagship bicycle cleaning product; highly effective and can provide effective cleaning for your bicycle and other cycle equipment.

Bike Sealant & Polish

A very effective carbon friendly bike polish and protective sealant for your bicycle. The sealant will protect your bike from scratches, restore its colour, and leave it shining like new.

After applying Sierra7 your bike will be in showroom condition!

Chain Cleaner

A chain cleaner that will effectively remove all dirt and grease from your bicycle’s chains.


Sierra7 | Namgear